Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Man's Land

Ardra Manasi


Like a vulture, you feed on the carcass of my thoughts
You mercilessly butchered my past
You skilfully scrutinised the 'wrongs' of today
You forcefully gave me in betrothal to the enterprising lad-'tomorrow'
Time, thou art a great reformer

I am lost in this 'no man's land'
A 'disputed territory'?
A desert where mirages appear and disappear
I dream of that distant mountain of fireflies
The deep melancholy of the rustic woods
The veneer of mist and the song of the 'river god'
But wait!!!

Isn't that the heart wrenching wail of the tribal chief?
"They take our daughters and our lands
We are in this no man's land."

Ardra Manasi is in her final year MA, Development studies. This versatile lady is a fabulous dancer and a brilliant poet with a few publications already to her credit. Her views on feminism are quite thought-provoking.

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