Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our word to you

This, is going to be a brief affair. We know you have waited long for this issue, and here it is for your perusal!

The theme for this issue was, “Journeys”, though it was not binding on the contributors; the idea behind a theme is to allow people to break the writer’s block (which does away with the age-old alibi of “ I didnt know what to write about !”).
The notion of Journeys has been significant throughout the last year 2010-11. The first batch of MA students graduated at the end of this period, and this issue commemorates the end of their journey with us and the beginning of their new lives. Yet, needless to say, their connection with us will always remain as strong as ever.

New editors have joined the team, and few old ones have decided to step back for a while (we hope to see them back soon). Article 19 is a year old and it has gained immense popularity among the various batches of the MA programme. There is beautiful pride we feel in the fact that many of the lesser known writers and poets of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department have chosen Article 19 to express themselves.

The frank and candid writings from the contributors has kept our confidence growing about serving as a platform for intellectual ferment. We are also excited to have contributions from the youngest batch of the MA students, who joined us just a few weeks back.

The Journey up to this year has been quite overwhelming. We did suffer dimming enthusiasm in between, yet we decided not to give up. Despite our share of disappointments and heartbreak on the way, the endearing enthusiasm of the younger members of the department made the growing pains worthwhile.

This is your magazine, a product of your effort, your melodious voices amidst the cacophony of machines and chemical equations. Enjoy reading! And feel free to comment!

And yes, we also like the diversity of the articles, from feminism, philosophy and heart-warming memoirs to light-hearted and satirical writings.

Do mail us your feedback, suggestions and contributions for the next issue (yes, we are that enthusiastic!) at art9teen@gmail.com

Have an interesting read and we hope to have you as willing contributors again! :-)

- The Magazine Team
Editors:  Vaishali, Soumya, Prateek
Creative Editor: Athul Krishnan

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