Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Sister’s Turning Seven Tomorrow

It’s drizzly outside, yes, a dismal autumn shower,
But it’s joy inside, the bliss to let my mind fly away into time.
Seven years ago on an evening just like this, wasn’t I awaiting you?
To blossom into our incomplete lives like the honey-sweet tang of an unseen wild flower
Spreading its path into this dwelling of love,
Playing innocence’s sweet, dreamy chime.

I still remember that twilight breeze struggling hard to smother
The candle of my flickering patience; and I, and
No one else, sitting agog, craving for my solitude to be chased away
Like the first light arrives to dispel the long night.
And, yes, the dawn did emerge like a pearl out of an oyster;
Like those precious nuggets of brine I often see
Sprinkled on your cherry cheeks- those pastures of innocence.

I shall forever behold that foremost moment of your being,
Staring at me like a sparrow opening its eyes for the first time
On to the broad sunbeams of existence.
And then I, cuddling you in the warmth of my tender brotherhood,
Proud to touch your tiny feet and tiny hands.

But ne’er did I wonder that in a little while you’ll waddle your way
Over soft marble like a rosy swan learning to swim across a slow azure stream.
Oh! Before you learn to fly in the heavens of your soaring reveries,
I wish time stood still for my eyes
Which desire you to remain my little sis forever, yes, forever.
Would ever want to see you dart amidst the wild ferns of the bower of my care;
And my nostalgic heart knows that you would always run into my longing arms and say,
“Brother, see mom’s gifted me a doll! Haven’t you got any?”
But how should I tell you, my angel, that I don’t need any, ’cause I have you.

Won’t I always yearn to see you fuming with naïve irritation
When I admonish you in brief brotherly anger?
O! Light of my Life, I see God in you.
Could I preserve you in my heart’s urn forever and never let you part from me!
’Cause when you’re there, I feel, the good Lord’s there by me.
But how? Can I prevent light from reaching where it’s supposed to be?
Sister, you’re congealed in me for eternity as you are- a small wonder,
Truly lovely and wee.

Oh lord! I pray to thee that she grows up like a lovely lily
In the garden of humanity, considering the value of the love she carries;
And fill the empty lives of those sisters of mine in the dark lanes of despair,
Whose hearts haven’t yet been touched by the droplets of brotherly love
But have only been pricked by the needle of societal disdain.
None of them cry in pain.
Only face the blight of being born as daughters to their parents
And sisters to some.

So, in the name of Mother Nature, in honour of all my sisters
Facing the turbulent scorn of dark humanity,
In prayer that they may see a kinder tomorrow
Let me tell the still somnolent world with great pride,
Oh! Yes! My sister’s turning seven tomorrow!

Aloy Buragohain is a first year M.A. student and we welcome him to the department!

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