Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feminine Vine

Those shudders of life within
First tinge of green
Shoots tiny
Limbs flimsy and frail
Seeping through the cleave

Those pretty delicacies
So very crushable
Quivering weakly
Her desires and silent wail
And quite petty pranks

Those budding busts and shooting vines
First signs of puberty
Firm shoulders to lean on
And cuddled by its rising tail
Her world of fantasies

Those growing curves
And lovely locks
And sensuous dreams
Of ecstasy and bloom
Breaking borders and bridles

Those wary stares around
Of envy or lust
Devastating though
Annoying hoots
Intending seduction

Those days of bondage
Of love and mating
Bud shooting up
Marking her fecundity
Token of love

Those days of endurance
The flowering foetus
Growth of life within life
Her inseparable part
Nourished by umbilicus

Those hours of pain (or bliss)
Agony of child-birth
Bearing vibrant fruit
Sour yet sweet
Hung down the vines

Those greying curls
And withering shoots
Fading beauty
Signs of ageing?
Reality though painful

Those expiring moments
Drooped and wilted
Days of serenity
Her weary body plunging to earth
The ultimate end of all

Rakhi is a 3rd Year Economics student. The quiet girl certainly fits the proverb -still waters run deep!

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